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Bears of the Old Pueblo Inc. is an Arizona non-profit corporation and a 501(c)(7) organization. Incorporation was filed and approved by the State of Arizona Corporation Commission on August 26, 1996. Bears of the Old Pueblo Inc. files annual reports with the Arizona Corporation Commission and the IRS, and those reports are available to the public by contacting those agencies ot BOTOP at the address listed here.


The Corporate Board of Directors of Bears of the Old Pueblo Inc. is composed of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary who serve terms from March 1 through February 28. Current information and contacts for the Board of Directors may be obtained from the Arizona Corporation Commission, or from the Corporation at the address and telephone number listed here.


BOTOP has non-profit 501(c)(7) status with the IRS as a social organization. Donations to Bears of the Old Pueblo are not deductible for tax purposes unless they are directly associated with BOTOP charities such as the annual Fiesta Bear Contest, and the selected charity has 501(c)(3) status.


BOTOP has among its goals to provide assistance to local charities and other needs in Southern Arizona. Since beginning in 1996 to make donations from proceeds of activities, BOTOP has donated more than $40,000 as of June 2012. Many members of Bears of the Old Pueblo personally contribute time, effort and money to agencies and public organizations in Tucson and Southern Arizona.


Financial and other public records of BOTOP are open for inspection by appointment. Interested parties may call 520-829-0117 for an appointment.

Members in good standing of BOTOP may request current financial information from the Treasurer at any time. Other parties may obtain copies of financial information by submitting a request in writing to Treasurer, Bears of the Old Pueblo, 3938 E Grant Rd #193, Tucson AZ 85712, and specifying the information requested. All financial records of Bears of the Old Pueblo, Inc., are open to the public.


The Statutory Agent for the Corporation may also be contacted at the above address.


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